Terminator Salvation Pogo Stick

by DanDanDan

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The first, last and cheapest single available from our new album:



released April 1, 2013

DanDanDan are Andrew Blair, Richard Gilbert, Andy Parkinson and Mark Neville.



all rights reserved


DanDanDan Edinburgh, UK

DanDanDan are a band. They make music with their instruments. This is a Bandcamp page. What is Bandcamp? What isn't Bandcamp? What are questions? Yes.

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Track Name: Terminator Salvation Pogo Stick
I bought it as an impulse purchase
I was in a bargain bookstore looking for comics
It was something that I just had to own
If only to prove that it really existed
I've never taken it out of the box
There's yet to be a reason for me to do so
Cos I live in a top floor flat
Plus I'm six foot three and I've got no balance

In a future ruled by robots
Why the hell would we need a pogo stick?
Could it be an emblem of freedom?
Is that just what Skynet want us to think?

What happened at the meeting that day?
Does this sort of thing actually happen quite often?
Can you get a Harry Potter bidet?
Or a boomerang based on the works of Vin Diesel?
Who job is it to come up with this?
Do they even end up taking their work home?
They're supposed to look after their kids
Instead they're building Nick Cage Spirograph

Track Name: Facebook Privacy Settings
The advert said that you were seeking singles
I glanced back at my seven inch array
This is the kind of joke that I am known for
Now I will seek you out without delay

That top just really compliments your figure
It's easily earned a place in my top ten
Displacing what you wore on your last holiday
And just behind the dress from your cosplay

I want to see your spine lit by my laptop
Rather than your face crystal displayed
I tell you this and yet you still seem frightened
My fantasies have led me quite astray
Track Name: Stay Away From Your Potential
Oh it's out of reach, out of reach
What's on this scrap of paper
Is teasing me, teasing me
With its sporadically helpful content
But I remember my writing it
It was some quip or joke or something
I know it would barely have changed my life
But it's giving me a migraine anyway

I've failed my eyes
The sights that I've seen
Won't turn into words
Any deeper than these
I like the pretense
Of my honesty
This song is for me
This song is for me (Yellow)

It's on the tip of my tongue
I don't know what this could mean
I've told no-one
Not even the Queen
Who I pray to daily for courage and wisdom

It doesn't work


Is this in my handwriting?
I've tried to replace it
With something new
It isn't the same
It'll just have to do
The idea is lost
The shadow remains
It's what I get for
Leaving my cave