Lament Out Loud

by DanDanDan

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This'll do, right?


released February 9, 2013

DanDanDan are Richard Gilbert, Andy Parkinson, Mark Neville and Andrew Blair



all rights reserved


DanDanDan Edinburgh, UK

DanDanDan are a band. They make music with their instruments. This is a Bandcamp page. What is Bandcamp? What isn't Bandcamp? What are questions? Yes.

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Track Name: You've Wasted Fire
What did he say, did he say what?
He said "I'm sorry, Prometheus"
I bring you the gift of this fire
You mock me with this special cake on my birthday

I stole fire from the gods
Who over-reacted somewhat
And how do you repay me this act?
By setting your farts all alight

Content to squander these gifts
Spend half your lives causing rifts
To borrow the Gym Teacher's phrase
It's your time you're wasting, not mine

Of course you won't unite the world
It's difficult and you'd get bored
No-one will heed these lyrics
They're probably too low in the mix
Track Name: Root Canal on a Bank Holiday
What did you mean to mean?
Your iconic bathtub
Brimful of cider
You know my knees'd be cold
It's not Irish
It's the same as in Yorkshire

Distance subliminal
Enclose the attachment
I play Subbuteo
Your breakfast is hatching

I tore The Scientist apart
He'd meant nothing
And offended my god
He said, Kill me sir please
I'm so vague
That this song is about you


Have this opinion on me
All svelte yeah?
You'll look good at parties
Held by the scruff and the tail
Display your Allen Keys
And gin that was discount


Are we friends or are we just geography?
Are we friends or are we just geography?
Are we friends or are we just geography?
Track Name: Song From Beer Commercial
Pump it up, yeah
Pump it up
You know
You should probably have pumped it up by now
Tonight we drown
Then tonight we fly
So fly
Other kinds of fly
Come on
Baby You're a firework
Come on baby you're a firework
Hold on
Everything's going to turn out right
Everything's going to be alright tonight

Look at the stars
Look at the skies
I look into your eyes
Before the loud bit
Gives that line resonance
Hit it
Hit the dancefloor
Hit it
Hit the dancefloor
You will do as I tell you
You will all see my power tonight

Drink yourself homogenous
I command it of all of you
I speak to you all as individuals
Yes, we're all individuals
And I own you now
I'll be having your first kiss
While I'm here

Tonight's going to be a good night
Tonight's going to be a good night